Family Law

Family law involves all legal processes related to family and personal issues. This includes divorce, annulment, legal separation, child support, custody, and post judgment matters. These issues involve all of the complexities of other legal matters, but have the added impact of affecting us personally. When legal issues involve difficult emotions, you need an attorney who gets to know you and your case, and deals with matters in a sensitive and understanding manner.

There are ways to transition families from one phase to another without a lengthy and damaging legal battle. Unfortunately, unless everyone involved is willing to work together to achieve the best results, these issues can lead to difficult courtroom battles. Whether your divorce or custody issue must be settled by a judge or you and your former spouse are able to work through matters through an alternative method, an understanding family law attorney can make the process easier for you. Mike Unger can help.

Mike is an attorney experienced in dealing with family law matters. He understands how laws affect families and he deals with each case on an individual basis, taking the time to get to know personally each and every client. If you are considering divorce or you have concerns about child custody or support issues, or you have questions about any other family law issue, contact Mike at 903.280.7831 or by email at